Immerse into Realism with AQUOS 8K

Enjoy stunning 8K resolution picture quality of 33 million pixels that showcase the ultimate reality of images. That is 16 times more pixels than full HD (2K), which means AQUOS 8K delivers crystal clear images that look vibrant and feel real.

Resolution so high, it looks like the real thing.

Real Colour

Experience colours exactly as they appear in nature when phosphor backlights combine with colour filters to reproduce a wider colour gamut that’s 138% compared to the conventional model.

It processes images using 68.7 billion colours, achieving natural and delicate images with greater feeling of depth.

A visual experience beyond the limits of colour.

Real Contrast

The high-transmittance liquid crystal technology reproduces highly dense and rich 8K images that are bright and vibrant. The high –brightness HDR (high dynamic range) technology can accurately display light and dark layers and reproduce the depth and image texture of the landscape and make it more life like.

Thirteen times brighter luminance creates beautiful light in images.

AQUOS 8K AI Revelation Engine

Equipped with a newly developed AI image processing engine, AQUOS 8K can deliver large capacity 8K video at a higher speed of 120Hz to display images at 120 frames per second. Additionally, the new image conversion technology enables 2K/4K content to be simulated and upgraded up to high-resolution 8K video, making it a powerful AI processor.

8K AI Upconverter

Analyzes low-resolution videos and signals, predicts minute details in original objects, and reconstructs minute information to upscale images upto 8K resolution, resulting in clear, high-definition videos.

8K AI Thinner Processing

This technology broadly analyzes target pixels and surrounding information and predicts the original shape of objects on-screen. It reconstructs information that is easily lost during the upscaling process to create realistic video content.

8K AI Noise Reduction

Analyzes the components of video signal noise and performs dynamic noise reduction processing according to the video’s characteristics to create clear and natural images with both reduced noise and accurate reconstruction.

Immerse into Dolby Atmos Sound with 8K Sound Bar

Enjoy optimum acoustics in your living room with the Sound Bar Home Theater System. Experience the content your viewing more deeply with sound that engulfs you in the experience, just as the artist intended.


Eilex PrismTM

SHARP AQUOS 8K TV is able to capture and correct changes in the acoustic power of the entire space.

Obtain sound closer to the original quality, spreading naturally with feeling of depth and high clarity sound.

Android TVTM

Comes equipped with the latest Android TV™, delivering top-grade smart features with supreme image quality.
Android TV™ brings great content, apps and Android games to your TV.
Stream movies, listen to music or play Android games on the biggest screen in your home.
And with helpful features like voice search and Chromecast built-in, Android TV makes your TV smarter.


SHARP TV with Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built-in is a platform that lets you stream your favorite entertainment from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV. Easily control your TV with apps you already know and love from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook. Now there are many ways to stream your favorite entertainment to your TV.

Android TV, Android, Chromecast, Google, Google Play and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. Netflix streaming membership required, 4K Ultra HD Availablity subject to your Netflix subscription plan, Internet Service, device capabilities, and content availability.

One Remote

Get easy access to your favorite entertainment with the Netflix and YouTube button on your SHARP TV Remote. You can also watch TV Shows and movies of your choice with ‘Voice Search’ in multiple languages.

The AQUOS Series

Ready to dive deeper? Explore our wide range of SHARP AQUOS models. With a wide range of sizes and features to choose from, find one that is perfect for your home and your viewing style.

Our Achievements

Changing the World with 8K Technology

Our Achievements

Changing the World with 8K Technology

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